Pit Pass Prices

**Does not count for Special events like Gator Championships or Thanksgiving Races **

Gate fee $ 10.00 for adults,

Kids 10 and Under $5.00
1st Race Registration $ 30.00

2nd Feature Registration $ 15.00
License: $ 40.00  for season or daily licenses for  $ 5.00 for AMB scoring.

November 24th - Gator Championships  (Click on Flyer for printable PDF)

2018 Tire rule: Blue or Yellow Vega.

LO206 class will be added. 14 yrs old and up.

​2018 race dates will be 4th Saturday of the month Jan - Oct. See schedule.

Volusia Karting will have points racing on the 4th Saturday of the month Jan – Oct 2018. Our racing format will be one heat and two features. The cost will be $30 for the first feature, $15 for the second. Pit passes will remain at $10.

In the event of a rainout, the following applies:

·         Complete rainout – all registered racers get 1st place points per feature they are registered for. Racer gets $15 second registration money refunded. Pit pass honored next points race only. Track keeps first feature registration. Complete rainout is defined as the race called for rain before you complete your heat race. You must have signed in and registered for a class to get rainout points. Race will be rescheduled for a rain date. If the race is called for rain 2 hours or more prior to scheduled gate opening, no rainout points will be awarded and rain date will be used. 

·         Heat race completed – points off heat race for 1st feature. 1st place points for everyone 2nd feature. Racer gets $15 second registration money refunded. Rain date will be used if available. Pick up program where it was when rain came. 

·         1st feature completed – points for 1st feature as finished, 1st place points for 2nd feature. No refunds. No raindate. 

We have built in 4 rainout race dates in the event of a complete rainout. These dates will only be used as described above. The dates are May 12, Sept 8, and Nov 3 and Nov 17.

This racing format was developed at the suggestion of and after talking to several of our points racers from 2017. By going to once a month points racing, and running double features every race:

·         Racers get 20 points races vs 10.
·         Racers get 10 points races for ½ the normal registration fee. $150 savings.
·         Racers get 10 additional races without having to pay another pit pass. 

              $100  savings per racer and crew, family member.
·         Racers get 10 additional races without having to prep tires again. ?$
·         Racers get 10 additional races without the travel costs to get to the track. $$
·         By having rainout points, racers get points for making the trip to the track.

Every feature will get points just as they always have. Since we have 10 scheduled days of racing, but 20 features, we are going to allow 3 drops. If you miss a points night, that will be 2 of  your drops and you will still be able to drop another that you did race. If you make all 10 nights, you can drop your 3 worst finishes.

​You must race a minimum of 7 nights in order to be eligible for year end awards.

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