2017 Classes

All drivers 12 and under must have a chest protector.

All classes will be on Vega Blue for 2017 except Rookie. Rookie will stay on Yellow. You can use your yellows until April 22, 2017.

The green plate Jr 1 clone class will have a 16 front driver, minimum of 54 rear gear.
No tire to be any larger in circumference than 34 1/2".     

All Minor drivers must have a birth certificate on file. Age is determined by the age the driver will be during 2016. If you are a driver at an age that can run two Jr classes, you will be allowed to do so. Ex: 10 yr old running Jr 1 and Jr 2. Beginner, Jr 1 and Jr 2 use shoe clutch, small pipe for 2016.

Beginner: 225 lbs, 5-8 yr old, 16:64 gear rule, shoe type clutch, max rear tire circumference 34 1/2". Clone engine with red restrictor . Yellow tire.
Jr 1 Clone: 8-10  yr old, green restrictor plate 265 lbs., shoe clutch, small pipe, 16 front driver, min 54 rear gear. Blue Vega.
Jr 2 Clone: 10-12 yr old, purple restrictor plate  290 lbs. shoe clutch, small pipe. Blue Vega.
Jr 3 Clone: 12-15 yr old, 320lbs, big pipe, Open Clutch, blue restrictor plate Blue Vega.

Adult classes: Clone with big pipe / open clutch and Blue Vega.

BOX STOCK LITE: Clone,  340 lbs. age 15 and up
BOX STOCK HEAVY: clone, 375lbs,   age 15 and up

SUPER HEAVY: Clone 425#,  Driver must weigh 200 lbs. minimum. If this class doesn't average 4 karts after first 4 races the class will be dropped as a season points class.