​​2016 Volusia Racing Schedule is posted on the SCHEDULE page. 

For the 2016 Season gates will open at 4:00pm, Practice at 5:00pm.  There will be one (10) lap heat and one (20) lap feature per class. Beginners will have one (8) lap heat and one (15) lap feature. 

All classes will be VEGA tires only for 2016. Points champions for the Adult Clone Heavy, Light, Super Heavy and LO206 will receive leather champion jackets. 


9-10-16 FDCS at Volusia Karting

9-24-16 Points Racing, Gates open 5:00pm





Beginning with the Gator Championship races, and effective for the May 14th Points race the Junior Plate rules are changing back to last years rules. This is in effort to stay consistent with the Florida & Georgia series', as well as surrounding tracks. We hope this allows our racers to compete at not only Volusia but also with the states series' without having to make plate changes.

The Junior class plates will be:

ROOKIE (NO CHANGE): Red Plate, small pipe with pill. 16:64 gear, 34.5 maximum tire circumference. 

JUNIOR 1: Green Plate, 16 front driver, minimum 54 rear gear. Shoe clutch, small pipe. 

JUNIOR 2: Purple Plate, shoe clutch, small pipe.

JUNIOR 3: Blue Plate, big pipe, open clutch.

For our Engine rules, we will be 2016 AKRA except for the cam, which will stay 2015 rule.

Upcoming Events

Pit Pass Prices

**Does not count for Special events like Gator Championships or Thanksgiving Races **

Gate fee $ 10.00 for adults, Kids 10 and Under Free  unless racing.
Registration $ 30.00
License: $ 40.00  for season or daily licenses for  $ 5.00 for AMB scoring.