Everyone must have a VSPK license. You can get an application at registration, front ticket booth. Each participant must record their license number when registering. You must buy a registration band for each class you are entering. Everyone must register their kart number. If your number has already been registered by another participant; you will have to change your number. Only number from 00 to 99 are allowed.

All karts must pass through safety tech prior to racing. WKA/AKRA engine rules will be in effect. No ported heads. 2015 AKRA cam rule.

Any deviation to these rules will be so noted. All karts must have clearly contrasting #’s and be easy to read. Failure to do so may result in your kart not getting scored.

Heat race will be determined by a pill draw at registration.  First feature will be lined up per heat race finish. Second feature will be combined finishes of heat and first feature. If a division has too many karts to run in one feature, the field will be split into heat races and an A and B feature will be run. The top 18 karts from qualifying will run the A main, the balance of the karts will run the B main. Top 2 karts from B main will advance to A main. We will start 20 karts in the A main. For points, the A main will determine points for 1-20, the first kart to miss A main will rec 21th place points, etc.

For split heats, you will be placed in heat A or B by your pill draw. Heat A finishes will determine the inside row and Heat B will determine the outside row for the feature start.  This means that the 1st place finisher in Heat A will start on the pole for the feature, the 2nd place finisher will start in the 2nd row inside, the 3rd place finisher would start in the 3rd row inside for the feature and so on....   This will be the same for Heat B, only this heat will make up the outside row.  This means the winner of Heat B will start outside row 1 in the feature, 2nd place finisher will start in the 2nd row outside for the feature, and so on.....

Unload your kart in the staging area prior to the fenced off grid line-up area. Have your kart stand moved from the middle of the staging area to keep open for traffic. No motors are to fire outside of the fenced grid area. Only driver and one crew member allowed inside grid.

Length - There will be one 10 lap heat race and 2 20 lap features. Rookie, Jr 1 and Jr 2 will run one 10 lap heat and two 15 laps features.

Starts  - Initial starts will be single file with the green flag starting the race coming out of turn 4 at the orange cone.  If caution comes out prior to one complete lap by the leader, there will be a complete restart single file with everyone getting their position back. If a second caution comes out, those involved in the caution go to the rear of lineup.  This continues for the balance of the race.

After the first completed lap, restarts will be single file with the leader starting the race between turns three and four. If leader has not fired when reaching orange cone, flagman will wave the green flag.

Restarts -  On restarts, after given the one to go, you are to tighten up close to the bumper of the kart in front of you. If you lag back more than two kart lengths, the kart behind you can move up in front of you. The flagman will indicate we are going to restart by showing the rolled up flag or blinking the caution lights. Once given the restart signal, you cannot weave, scrub or zig zag your kart past the exit of turn two. You must be single file, moderate speed, ready for restart.

Cautions - If two karts make contact and cause a caution to come out, both karts will be sent to the rear. Any karts spinning to avoid the wreck after the caution is out will get their spot back. This is a judgement call. If you are deemed to be in the wreck, do not argue, go to the back.

The caution will not be throw unless there is a dangerous condition on the track or a determination of rough driving by the track officials.

The leader is protected from lapped karts. If the leader is spun trying to pass a lapped kart, they will get their spot back. This only applies to the leader. Only exception is if the leader is being challenged by the second place kart for the lead, and a caution results due to a lapped kart, both leader and challenger get their spots back. Challenged for the lead means 2nd place kart has moved inside or outside of leader, not still behind.       

If your kart loses power or you leave the racing surface during the race, you must move your kart away from the track to a safe distance without stopping the race. Do not re-enter the track in front of other competitors. Karts needing to be restarted under caution can only be done by one pit member, after track has been brought under caution and all competitors slowed down.  Crew member must get permission from officals before entering track.  Failure to do so can result in a DQ,

NO REPAIRS ARE TO BE MADE ON THE TRACK! Remove your kart if it needs repairs. Failure to do so can result in your disqualification.

If a crew member has to enter the racing area, and jumps the fence instead of using the gate, they will be subject to disqualification.

Scales - At the end of each heat and feature, all karts must pass over weigh scales. Failure to do so will result in a DQ. Track scales will be the official scale and no exceptions will be made on minimum weight requirements. One pound light, you will be disqualified.
You must remove and turn in transponder while on the scales.  Driver will be charged for  unreturned or damaged transponder. 

**Only one crew member - two for Jr. Classes -  are allowed past the fence leading to the scale and tech area. After weighing, top 3 karts will go to marked tech area. One crew person is allowed to go to kart and driver.**

Tech - Tech inspector will conduct inspections. Karts can only leave when dismissed by Tech Inspector. Crew chief should bring tools to remove head and carb.

Awards will be given as follows:
1-3 karts                        1
4-6  karts                       2

7-9  karts                       3

Awards will be awarded on feature race finish. Heat race determine feature lineup only.

Rain out Policy:        
Rainouts will be called by the Race Director. In the event of a rainout, the following applies:

·         Complete rainout – all registered racers get 1st place points per feature they are registered for. Racer gets $15 second registration money refunded. Pit pass honored next points race only. Track keeps first feature registration. Complete rainout is defined as the race called for rain before you complete your heat race. You must have signed in and registered for a class to get rainout points. Race will be rescheduled for a rain date. If the race is called for rain 2 hours or more prior to scheduled gate opening, no rainout points will be awarded and rain date will be used. 

·         Heat race completed – points off heat race for 1st feature. 1st place points for everyone 2nd feature. Racer gets $15 second registration money refunded. Rain date will be used if available. Pick up program where it was when rain came.

·         1st feature completed – points for 1st feature as finished, 1st place points for 2nd feature. No refunds. No raindate.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1st 180 / 2nd 175 /  3rd 172 / 4th 169 /  5th 167 / 6th  165 /
7th 163 / 8th 162 / 9th 160 / 10th 158 / 11th 156 / 12th 154 /
13 th 152 / 14th 150 / 15th 148 / 16th & over 146

Drivers who compete in all point’s races for the season will be able to drop their three worst finishes.  A blatant tech DQ, deemed to be a deliberate attempt to cheat, cannot be used as a drop for season points. Blatant DQ will be determined by track tech and officials.

Only the driver may protest another kart. You must have competed in the same race and finished behind kart being protested.

Protest must be made to the tech inspector within 5 minutes following race and prior to leaving scale area and money must be presented at that time. If protested kart is illegal, protest is done.  If protested kart is legal the protestor then tears their motor down.

Protest fee $100.00. If protested kart is legal, protested kart gets $75.00 of protest money, tech gets $25.00. If protested kart is illegal, Protester gets their money back.

Race Director has the right to refuse a protest if considered harassment or excessive.

IMPORTANT:  A protest does not buy you the right to “look” at another karters motor. Tech will be done by Volusia Karting Tech Inspector. All decisions will be binding and final. Only one person from each motor will be allowed in tear down area.

This is a family sport and environment. Alcohol, drugs, fighting and profanity are strictly prohibited. Infractions will lead to suspensions or more severe penalties.

Rough driving will not be tolerated. Black flag will be given and driver will be scored last. Exception is black flag for equipment problem. Driver will get credit for position they finish .    

Any abuse of track officials, verbal or physical, will result in suspension from 2 races up to indefinite depending on severity of the incident.  Physical altercations may result in criminal charges.

VSPK variance from WKA/AKRA rules:
1. Participants allowed to move up in age divisions, but not down, with Race Director approval.
2. Tires will be Vega Yellow or Blue only.

3. Weights may be adjusted when combining classes to even competition.

All decisions made by Volusia Karting are legal and binding, and are not subject to appeal by any sanctioning bodies.

2018 Rules